It's my Mother-In-Law's fault that I'm cheating on my husband...

Okay, I am not really cheating on my husband, but thanks to my Mother-In-Law, I am spending a lot of time with another man!  This man...

Timothy Olyphant
That is the "delicious" as my Mother-In-Law calls him, Timothy Olyphant, star of the FX hit Justified!  

I was introduced to him over our Christmas vacation when my in-laws suggested that my husband and I watch Season 1, Episode 1 of this wonderful series.  After that it was all over... I downloaded all of the episodes of all of seasons 1, 2, and 3.  Let's just say, I was hooked. 

We have been home from that Christmas vacation for all of one week,  and I am already finished with season 1!  The affair has gotten so time consuming that yesterday, I didn't leave the house, didn't do laundry, didn't clean the house or even eat until 3:30!  Nope, I just sat and watched one episode after another, and contemplated how I could get my husband to pack heat, move us to Harlan County, Kentucky and oh yea, maybe loose the British accent and get a southern drawl!  

And then, after I watched five hours of his show, I Googled him!  Yep, kinda like a teenage girl with that current boy band.  I had to see where he lived, what other shows he had been on, if his number was listed, if he was know, the usual.  I think if I still lived in California, I could verge on the edge of "stalker", but I don't and I really don't want my husband to loose his accent and, I really don't think that I would fit in in Kentucky, but a girl can dream can't she?  After all, apparently my Mother-In-Law does too!

So, if I am missing in action over the next couple of weeks, don't tell my husband...I'll be with my other man!


  1. "Oh I've been having that affair since Season One, Episode One, and am embarrassed to admit that my lust hasn't waned an iota. And when you get all caught up with the first three seasons and are waiting desperately for new episodes of Season 4 to show up on iTunes, you can start watching Deadwood to get your fix. He's more conflicted on that show, but good lord every bit as sexy."

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one "cheating"!!!

  3. Excellent! I've been on the hunt for a new series to get hooked on and this sounds perfect (who doesn't need a little eye candy in their life?!) Looking forward to watching, thanks for the recommendation and enjoy the rest of your viewing!
    Cheers - Lou @The Honesty Path

  4. Oh it is so good Lou!! Let me know how you like the "eye candy"!


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