so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, and goodbye

i had heard this time would come. it apparently always comes in the life of an expat...the saying good-bye!

there are at least 12 people in my dusseldorf life that are leaving. they are either going "home" or going to the next assignment. which ever way, they are saying good-bye.

when i first moved here and asked people what was the hardest part of being an expat, they all looked at me a bit sad and say "oh, by far the saying good-bye!"

the people leaving range from close friends, parents of my kids friends, to people i simply see on occasion. but all of these people play a part in my life here as a dusseldorf expat. they help me with parenting advice, grocery shopping advice, picking up my children, or even just smile at me on the playground. they help me get through my own life as an expat.

each day it seems i get an email with a note about someone leaving, or a moving sale list. it makes me sad. it makes me sad for me, for my family, and for the relationships and friendships that didn't get a chance to grow. many times over the past year, i would think "oh i'll call her and go to lunch when things slow down in my life." well, things don't always slow down and when you are an expat you must tend to friendships fast so that you don't miss out on something wonderful!

so to all of my expat friends who are leaving, please know how much you will be missed! your conversations, your coffee dates, your smiles on the playground and most of all your friendships!


  1. But we are glad for the short time we shared and the experiences together and look forward to more with new people!

  2. How right you are Anonymous! It is such an opportunity to open your life to new people! Thanks for your post

  3. It is always bittersweet when people move away. You're happy for the next step in their adventure, but you're going to miss them dearly.


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