Sundays are our days to explore, and one of our favorite discoveries recently was the American Cemetary in Luxembourg City, and the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne Belgium.  Take a look...

Memorial at the American Cemetary Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Memorial at the American Cemetary Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The Military Operations Map Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

American Cemetary Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

General Patton still faces his troops.  American Cemetary Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Bastogne, Belgium was a short 50 minute drive from Luxembourg City, and so worth it.  This is where the Easy Company "dug in" in the Ardennes Forest without food, supplies or support.  Between the towns of Foy and Bastogne is the forest with the foxholes that Easy Company used to stay alive, still in tact.  It was a haunting experience to walk through this forest...

The foxholes Bastogne, Belgium

This was at 3:00 in the afternoon, almost pitch black in the Ardennes forest.

No matter where you live in the world, you may be suprised at what you can find within a short drive.  Do you know what's in your own backyard?


  1. Hi Dena,
    We live fairly close to this area. We visited it sometime last Spring while it was still under some renovations. We really need to get back there. I loved it. Did you also visit the German cemetery? It is completely different than the American cemetery. Do you have any suggestions on visiting Bastogne Belgium? I assume y'all went by yourselves.... I would love to go but not sure if the location is marked. Thanks for visiting my blog again. I'm now following you :D


  2. We did visit the German cemetary, and it was really moving, and like you said, so different. We stopped by the visitors center in Bastogne and they had a map which lead us straight to the forest. It is literally in the middle of a forest so if we hadn't stopped for the map we would have missed it. Also, if you haven't watched Band of Brothers, make sure that you do so before you go! Have fun and thanks for following!


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