Lance Armstrong has no balls...

I totally disagree with that billboard.  I don't think that Lance Armstrong has any balls.  I think he is a sleazy liar who only told the truth because he really had no choice.  I believe that he would have continued to lie if he knew that he would not have been caught.

Lance Armstrong was a hero, a hero who my kids, many kids and the world looked up to.  We thought he was amazing!  He was fighting cancer at the same time that my mom was fighting cancer and he gave us hope, he gave everyone hope.  He was the man who fought this battle with cancer and went on to win 7 Tour DE France titles, or so we thought!

I just recently got around to watching the Oprah interview, and I had my kids watch with me.  We watched together as his arrogance came through.  As he flippantly explained just how horrible he had been to so many people.  As he explained to Oprah that doping was like having "air in your tires, or water in the bottles."  As I sat there I realized that during this interview Lance Armstrong was perhaps teaching the world a more valuable lesson than he had ever taught before.  He was teaching us that if you lie, you will eventually get caught.

After we watched the Oprah interview I showed my boys what true heroes look like.  Heroes that didn't have to win to be heroes, they simply make good moral decisions and are people with kind hearts.  They are people who could teach Lance Armstrong a thing or two.  They are people who have balls!

Take a look... 44638357--finance.html


  1. The whole Lance deal was such a let down to me because I'd read his books and really loved the whole story so much. Gah, good thing there are real heroes out there!

    1. I so agree. He had us all fooled and I was so disgusted with his interview, no remorse. How cool is the runner who showed the other runner the finish line? Class act!

  2. It was a disappointment, but way to find the good...liars have to come clean eventually and though they are harder to find, there still are heroes out there.

  3. That they do Amity! And there are good people in this world!

  4. well said and good for you to show the boys the real heroes!!!

  5. Ahhh the truth lesson with kids is so crucial especially in the world we live in today... Look forward to following along on on your blog/FB!

  6. I so agree Jamie. Thanks for the follow. Will be checking your blog out and following as well!


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