It could use a coat of paint...

One of my favorites from the archives!!

My husband and I just spent an amazing weekend in Venice, Italy! It was our seventeenth wedding anniversary.  A friend said that she would take the kids and Venice is a sixty minute flight, so why not?

We haven't had a weekend away in a year and it was much needed.

After our incredibly quick flight we arrived at our hotel. The hotel was right on the grand canal and was well, let's say "charming", in an antique sort of way!

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to play "spot the...American, Brit or... You fill in the nationality." sometimes this game is really difficult, other times not so much.

Venice is full of tourists unloaded from cruise ships and it's not hard at all to spot them. Most have large cameras, me included, most were waiting to get a gondola, me included, and we even got the occasional black socked, sandal wearing tourist...I can't be included in this stereotype...

The tourist that shocked us the most came on our final day in Venice. We had successfully eaten and drank our way through this amazing city, we had seen the sights, taken our gondola ride and experienced all that Venice had to offer a couple in love. Our final morning we were sitting at a quiet breakfast in our hotel when I had to break my husbands rule of "no talking to strangers" and asked the couple next to us where they were from. After telling me, and I won't say it here as to not offend anyone from that city, she asked me how I liked Venice.

"I love it, " I told her, "I love the charm, the architecture, the people, the food...I love all of it!"

"Don't you think it could use a coat of paint? Where we come from they have a covenant, and they would have had to paint the buildings by now."

Okay, at this point I was about to break into laughter, and I almost had to pick my husband's jaw off of the table...did she really just say that?

Yea, it is over 700 years old and I think that it's fallen at least a foot into the ocean over the past 40 years, but come to think about it, it really could use a good power washing...really lady, go back to your covenant controlled neighborhood and let me enjoy Venice!

What do you think...does it need a coat of paint? I think not!


  1. ur blog just made me laugh so hard! u should have followed ur husbands rule! lol smart man! no talking to strangers!

  2. I loved Venice! It was one of my favorite cities.

  3. "It most definitely does NOT need a coat of paint! Venice is beautiful as it is!"

  4. I think I met that same lady in Rome! It most definitely does NOT need a coat of a paint!

    1. She was a crazy lady wasn't she!!! I couldn't believe it, people need to stay in their neighborhoods if that's where they feel comfortable!


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