could you please blow into this...

it's not what you think it is, but it sure does look like it doesn't it??

i was having a nice chat with my friend today, discussing what we planning on doing over an upcoming school holiday. i told her that we were driving to normandy, france to see omaha beach.

"well, you have your breathalyzer in your car don't you?" she asked.

"my what?" i responded very confused.

"if you get pulled over by the police in france and you don't have your own breathalyzer in the car, you get a huge fine!!"

we then went on to debate the fact that i wouldn't be drinking and driving in france, and that the chances of me really getting pulled over by the french police were fairly slim, and that if i did get pulled over i could play dumb and pretend i had nooo idea what they where talking about~in reality i thought she was full of it and trying to pull one over on me!

"come on then!" she stated matter of factly and off she went, headed straight for the apotheke. of course i thought, the apotheke, why didn't i think of that when i found out i had to purchase my own breathalyzer!

straight to the counter she went and told the nice lady, in german that i was driving to france...she had to say no more, out from behind the counter it came. wow, she was really telling the truth!

so apparently you do indeed need your own drunk driving test with you when you drive in france, and apparently everyone in germany except me knows this. so next time you take a drive through normandy, just stop by your local apotheke and pick one up...oh yea, hang around long enough for the german lady to tell you just how ridiculous the french rules are! ironic isn't it?

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