up for a little adventure?

with everything being closed on sundays in germany, it is the perfect day for a little adventure.

on this particular sunday, it was raining here in dusseldorf....on most sundays from here until april it will be raining in dusseldorf! what to do, what to do?

i personally do not like getting wet. give me the snow, the heat, i will even take humidity over the rain. but as i have been told by my husband many, many times before; "if you don't do something just because of the rain here, you will do nothing at all!" so today instead of sitting in the house, we were off on our adventure.

i had heard about our location before, as many of my friends had visited it. we were heading to burg eltz, a castle that rick steves~travel expert~has said has his "favorite castle interior in all of europe".

many "castles" that we have seen in germany are simply manor houses, but this was a castle, and a very impressive one at that! we took the guided tour~in english~ which also included a tour of the treasury. the treasury was full of weapons, gold, silver and jewels, and managed to keep both small expats busy for a large amount of time.

if you are even in munstermaifield germany, you simply must take the time to visit this amazing castle.



  1. It is beautiful isn't it?! This will sound like a stupid question but is the first picture of the castle one you actually took? When we went it had scaffolding all over it. May have to revisit if the scaffolding is gone!

    1. Scaffolding is gone, Michelle! I'm sure Dena took the picture. We went this past April when they had just taken it down. So GORGEOUS! And the boys loved playing in the little stream, as well. A fun day trip!

    2. I did in fact take the picture and all scaffolding is gone. It was a gorgeous day there and the boys did enjoy the stream Shannon. It was a really nice day out!

  2. I love the setting of Burg Eltz...you can't beat in the middle of the woods! Cochem has a cool castle, too, along the Mosel. It's another good day trip.

  3. Thx Amity, and so glad that you could post with no problems! Will try Cochem next!

  4. As Burg Eltz is on the Rick Steves favorites list - my parents had to visit it when they came to see us in Berlin. Love your pics of it. Such a gorgeous place.


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