what are we doing tomorrow?????

what a summer it has been...7 weeks, 8 different hotels, friends houses or sleeping locations, disneyland, the beach, the water park 2x, golf, soccer, fishing, movies, museums, and family picnics, days spent on trampolines and playing with friends, dinners and lunches....we could not have crammed one more thing into our amazing summer vacation!

i told my boys that when we arrived back in germany, under no circumstance was i driving them anywhere, paying for anymore adventures, i was done and they would have to entertain themselves for the 10 days before school started!

so, we head home.  we had a horrible first flight home...it was crowded, bumpy and smelled horrible.  the oldest expat and i didn't sleep a wink, the youngest crashed out, half on me, and half on his brother.

on our second flight, a much, much shorter flight, i closed my eyes and finally feel into the deep rem sleep that my body had longed for...tap, tap, tap.  i felt a nudge on my arm.

"mom, are you awake?"  the youngest expat asks.

i don't answer, i simply open one tired, jet lagged eye.

"mom, what are we doing tomorrow?" he asked.

all i could do was close my eye and pray for patience until school starts!!

how was your summer vacation?

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