my job as a parent...

sometimes the journey isn't about a trip or a location, it's about an experience...

i remember being thirteen years old and getting into my dad's car with a friend. we were driving along when my dad turned on the my complete embarrassment, it was country! now, country in those days was willie nelson and waylon jennings...real country!

how could he? how could he do this to me? here i was in my teen years, trying with all that i had to be cool and here he was singing "mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys". how about "mama's just let your babies grow up without being mortified!!!!"

well, recently i was given the same chance to completely mortify my oldest! we were driving along, chatting and enjoying the gorgeous day when the perfect song came on. my husband cranked it up and we both began to belt it out! my youngest shouted for us to roll the windows down and "sing louder". now what kind of parents would we be if we didn't we did!

i really didn't have any idea how embarrassed the oldest would be! he slowly sunk down in his seat..."really? are you serious?"

this made me want to sing louder~i know, i am a horrible mom! louder we went and i have to say very off tune. this was fun! is this why my dad enjoyed singing his country tunes so much? hey, at least my kids didn't have a friend in the car.

as i sang, i what age does this go from fun, like with my youngest, to humiliating, the emotion my oldest was feeling? after all, they aren't that far apart in age. instead of analyzing it too much, i just sang along to the next song...after all it's my job as a parent to embarrass my kids, and it appears, i'm pretty good at it.

to our surprise somewhere into song 3, we heard a new voice joining along. wait, could it be? it was the oldest expat. maybe there is still some kid left in him and apparently if you can't beat them, join them!

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