Back in America

i have been back in america for 5 full days. i feel in many ways like the weight of the world has been lifted. i can easily order food, and know that i will get what i wanted. i can make small talk with the people in line at the market, and i can read the street signs.

but there are things that i miss from germany. what, you say? miss germany? yes!

i miss my bike! i have driven more in the past 5 days being home then i have in the past 5 months in germany. even the youngest expat picked up on this.

"why are there no bikes?' he asked one day as we were driving down the road.

"well, the distances between places are further here, and in cities they do bike, just not so much in the suburbs."

this made me think if i did ride my bike the distances that i had driven this week, i would be way skinny...but i didn't, and i'm not.

i am a taxi. driving to the movies, to the beach, home. shuttling kids to sleepovers, camps and the favorite doughnut shop, which happens to be 20 minutes from where we are staying, and you usually eat doughnuts at 7ish in the morning!

as many of you know, i am a photographer and i have taken an amazing photo of what i have seen my first week back in america, and i want to share it with you, ...enjoy!

please note the perfect temperature!


  1. Welcome home! So great seeing you and I can't wait to shop. Pick a night next week and we can bike (ha!) to the mall.

  2. thx!!! yep, let's bike to the mall, that way we can have glass or two of wine and back home...that would be funny to see!


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