the real desperate housewives...

we have all watched the show. watched the story of 5 friends on their perfect street, with all of their secrets, laughs, tears and sadness. we watched their families grow, people move, and life change.

i had my own wisteria lane...there was a group of us, and i'm not too sure that any of us realized how perfect it was, at least until it was gone...we didn't appreciate it as much as we should have!

i am visiting my wisteria for a month this summer and was having a dinner with my closest friend the other night when she brought it up as well. she mentioned that it really hit her when she was watching the season finale of the real desperate housewives. she said that she felt really sad, sad for what was gone.

we shared so much~we spent friday nights watching our kids play outside, we talked parenting, marriage and life. we cried on each other's shoulders when mother's were diagnosed with cancer, and we stood by one another when parents passed away.

two of us have moved, other's have gone to work, kids have gotten older and things have just changed! i am so grateful to be "home" on wisteria lane, and i am so very grateful that they welcome me with open arms whenever i come home.

when i turn the corner and drive down the street, i know that all is good, and even though i don't still live on this street, my friends will always be my friends...and i love them for that!

do you have a wisteria lane?

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