oh noooo.....

scary, but i think that i have fully adopted four of the ten signs that im going native...i am well on my way!!!

can't quite do the public nudity or birkenstocks though!



  1. Very funny. Which 4 have you adopted???

  2. haha...i wait for the "green man" everytime im at a light!! i panic shop on saturday as nothing is open on sunday. i get irritated if things are tardy, as the german's are prompt and even 5 minutes is rude. and, the whole family will carry a bottle around all day and recycle it, oliver can even tell you how much he'll get.
    so not too bad :)

  3. Oh my Gosh!!! I have those too! " Green man,go" is frequently heard from us when out for a walk or a bike ride. We saved so many bottles once we got 21€ back!!! And, while here in the States on vacation, I caught myself thinking "Get the shopping done before Sunday 'cause everything will be closed". I too will draw the line at public nudity, so the world can breath a sigh of relief :)

    1. green man go!!! you should see the three of us stangind at street corners like fools in america! hey, we follow the rules!

  4. Oh man.. this is scary! I think I'm only 2 away from being native - time for us to move! I'm with you on the public nudity thing but must admit that Birkenstocks do make good house shoes (would never wear them in public though!) Thanks for sharing!

  5. so besides nudity, which have you not given into?

  6. You must be more on the way than you think if you are reading The Local while you are in the states.

    I own Birkenstocks and do wear them in public but am not into the nudity and haven't written any passive/aggressive notes, thoughts maybe but no notes!

  7. no kidding huh :) i think that i could very easily begin leaving passive/aggrressive notes, no problem.


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