Bloom where you are planted...

Bloom Where you are Planted

Summer this year went way to fast.  Once school was over, we headed back to the states, and the place that we call "home" ...California!

Once again I was amazed at how easy it was to fall right back into life there.  The feeling of the sunshine on our faces was a refreshing welcome, as was the warm hug of a long time friend!  We have been away from our U.S. "Home" for four years now, but we are still welcomed as if we have never left.

The days flew by as the boys fished, body boarded, soaked up the sun and spent many sleepovers catching up on lost time.  My days were filled with running kids around and enjoying my old stomping grounds, but I most looked forward to the evenings laughing and reminiscing with my friends.

As I boarded the plane back to Germany, I began to tear up a bit...It was hard to leave my friends, the sun and the ease in which I functioned while home, but there was a part of me ready to get back to my "other home"...I was blooming there as well.

I am incredibly lucky to have the best of both worlds and I don't feel like I need to move to California to be happy...I have found a happiness where I have been planted and know that my roots in California will continue to grow deep as well!

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