Auf Weidersehen...

Auf Weidersehen

Well, it's that time of year again...the Expat exodus is upon us!  After 3 years in Germany, I have to say that I am starting to really consider it "home"and would definitely find it hard to leave.

While reading the paper this morning I stumbled upon the article The top ten things you would miss If you left Germany.  I had to giggle a bit..."the food?"  Not so much, but I have to agree with the "coffee culture" and the "green".  I would also miss riding my bike, seeing the animals grazing in the fields nearby and especially the thought of knowing that as an Expat, there are others in the same boat as me!

If you are leaving Germany, or any other country or town for that matter, what will you miss most when you go?  Is it the food, the weather or the culture that you have been so lucky to experience?


  1. We've no plans to leave just yet but if and when we go back to the UK (though I imagine it wouldn't be permanently - I think we'll end up in Germany again soon enough) I will absolutely miss how easy it is to eat seasonally here. In England it's ridiculously tricky to find an English apple, but here I eat whatever's available at the market from our local area. I love it :) And I'd also miss being able to pop out for a Schweinshaxe ;)

  2. I left Germany two weeks ago to live back in the UK. I miss German people, how they are hilarious but also so honest. I also miss Frankfurt and how it's like a toy town - safe, and easy and flat (great for running!)
    Good luck with your next adventure, I can't wait to be reading it!

  3. Oh no, is it really time? Where's next?! So long, farewell, Germany will miss you dearly!

  4. You might be surprised at what food you miss when you leave Germany. Maultaschen, Dickman's, the sugar cone for the Feuerzangebowle...........


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