To swim, or not to swim...

that is the question.  Why?   Because I know that this guy is waiting just below the surface for me!
I know that statistically I have a better chance of being killed by a falling coconut, but there are a lot of reports of shark attacks in Western Australia and I'm not really feeling like any one of us becoming a statistic this Holiday season!

As many of you who know me, or read my blog know, I am a bit neurotic.  Australia brings out the worst of my neurosis.  When I am here on holiday, I am rarely relaxed.  I shake out the sheets before bed, why you may ask?  
The spiders here look like this...

and they are LARGE, 2 inches for the body alone, and to quote the Australian Travel Guide; "aggressive"!  I really don't want to meet up with one of these guys in the middle of the night!  

Then there are the snakes!  Yep, they have those as well!  7 of the 10 deadliest in the world call Australia home. And yes, this little guy is considered"aggressive" as well.  

Maybe I shouldn't say "little", he can grow quite large, and are often found on the golf course behind my in-laws house.  That's the course that my teenager plays quite often while we are visiting.  

But these guys you can see coming, you can simply walk the other way if you come across one.  That shark at the top, once you are in his domain, there is no going around him.  If he wants to, he simply eats you for dinner...and that brings be back to my question; 
"To swim, or not to swim?"

My husband and I argue over this every time we come.  He says "yes", I say "NO" and we go round and round.  We end up going to a beach that is completely inhabited with people for the great white to choose from.  Completely inhabited with cute Australian life guards to save us once we have been bitten, and even has a helicopter flying above to warn us if they spot a great white.  There are easily 75 people in the water, and I am still convinced that he is there, waiting for me.  So, what do I do?  I let my husband go in and boogie board, with my kids.  I sit there tense as I could possibly be and I watch.  I am trying to not project my fear onto my kids, trying to be brave,  but they do tend to sense my anxiety  when I absolutely panic and yell "shark" as a dolphin swims by!

Oh yea, and can I tell you the animal that causes the most deaths in Australia each year...The European Honey Bee!

So from now on, my answer is "not to swim!"
What do you think?


  1. Dena, You and I have alot in common! I am always the one who buys preventative safety gear for all the men in my life(I have an 18 year old son, a 21 year old son and a carefree husband!). I always think about what could happen and try to cut it off at the pass. Every year my New Year resolution is to relax more. So far, it hasn't happened!

  2. Haha-Boys are tough aren't they? Visit again this week to see if we actually did "swim or not swim".
    Thanks for stopping by!


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