Santa Baby...

Chances are that Santa won't be "slipping a sable" under my tree, or getting me an "out-of-space convertible", be it blue or any other color, but here are some fun ideas that I wouldn't mind seeing under the tannenbaum this year...
Every girl needs a travel jewelry roll.  This one from Vic and Albie is adorable, and has plenty of room for all of your baubles!!

This gorgeous cashmere wrap is a great gift if you love to travel!  Easy to throw in your carry on, and perfect to wrap up in during those long flights!
I love to journal about places that I've been, or places that I want to go.  This bright blue journal by TAGSMITH makes that easy and fun to do!

There is no limit to the countries that you can visit, or mark on this map!  Perfect gift for kids who love to travel, or as a housewarming or moving gift for the expat in your life!  The Here and There Shop makes it easy to choose a country, state or gives you the world!

And, I have saved the best for last!  I am an avid photographer, and like most travelers have my camera with me on all trips!  My friend turned me onto this product and it is a lifesaver!  Simply store your camera in this bag, toss it in your carry on, and voila, your camera is protected!  Everyone needs the Haven by Crumpler!

Have fun shopping, and remember...only 7 more days until Christmas!


  1. I wouldn't mind finding any of these under my Christmas tree Santa Baby :)
    Thanks for all the cool ideas.

  2. Cute things aren't they? Hope you have an amazing Christmas!


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