"And so this is Christmas...

and what have you done?"  John Lennon asked us this question, and as I was listening to Christmas carols this year I started to think..."what have I done?"

Honestly, I haven't done much!  I give to a regular charity, I donate clothes and toys to local charities, but aside from that I haven't done anything.

We have been given an amazing opportunity to see all of the things we are seeing.  I try to help my expats realize that they are seeing things that people save their whole lives to see, or in some cases may never see at all.  They don't get it, and they probably won't until they are older.  All I can hope is that at some point they will realize how lucky and how blessed that they are.

What can we as parents do to help our kids realize this?  

My kids have more time off of school then you can believe and I have been thinking that we need to do something...something that makes a difference in some one's life, as well as our own!

I had heard about volunteer vacations before, but never thought much about it, until this year.  There were no more excuses, the expats were old enough, we had enough time.  2013 will be the year!  

There are hundreds of websites that can help you decide what volunteer vacation you can take...if nature is your thing, you can help clean up the forests.  You can help the homeless, children in need or animals.  You can make at as easy as taking a Saturday and picking up trash at your local beach or local hiking trail, or you can spend weeks digging water wells in Africa!  

Take a look at the links below and see what you fancy!  We will be making our volunteer vacation decisions over the next few weeks, so tune in to see what our expat family decides to do!

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