warrior mud paint in the nude, champagne and laughs...

okay, we didn't look quite like this...but it was close.

they say that starting a new friendship is a lot like dating. during the first date, you gauge how much you you should let the other person know about you. do you tell them about your crazy family, do you let them in on worries about raising your kids? how much do you share and how fast do you share it?

i have said it before, making friends in the expat world is fast and furious. it's like speed dating. sometimes the time you have together is very short, and you want to make the most of it.

so, after dating someone for only a few months would you dare to get naked with them, drink champagne and spread warrior mud paint all over your naked self? i think not...but i did!

i have a great group of friends that share a "spa day" once a month. it really means going to the sauna/hot pools nearby. we occasionally get spa treatments, but mostly we enjoy lunch, the pools, and laughing so hard that you sometimes wet your pants!

as we sit safely in our robes, we giggle at the naked old men and women...but secretly i think we are jealous of them. we are jealous of their freedom, their inhibitions, the security that they have in walking around completely naked. they aren't worried about their sagginess, their wrinkles, they are simply free!

one of the ladies that i share this experience with decided that she would book the next treatment option for our group. it was sitting in a sauna with mud covering your naked body! a few of us didn't like this idea, so we convinced them they could have a towel~wink, wink.

as we waited for our full exposure, we sat by the fire wrapped safely in our robes, drank our champagne and discussed the scars our bodies had. scars from knee surgeries, having a mole removed or from having babies; we were justifying our bodies~i bet the german's hadn't justified their bodies to one another before they got naked??? then, it was game time! we walked to our room, sans towels, as they were not allowed~sorry J~ and spread on our warrior mud paint. the giggles began as the mud colors combined and the stories that were told in that room, will stay in that room. it was truly a bonding experience and one thing i discovered that day is that maybe it is okay to get naked on your third date!


  1. "LOL.. Great experience (-:next time in the Dead Sea with the real mud!"

  2. Loved reading this! You're such a great writer! Even in the US there are those few brave ladies who stroll around Burke Williams, and I think, I could do that! But then I think what if I see a parent of a student, or someone I know?! You go brave girl!!!!

  3. so nice to read your blog, thanks for sharing:)

  4. Loved that entry Dena...you are amazing and I think you should seriously consider writing a book! You make me laugh, cry and reflect! Thanks for making my day! <3


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