My Sophomore Year...

Hurray, we've made it, we are sophomores!!! We have made it to year two! Actually almost half way through year two.

I am now comfortable in my environment...I know my way around the grocery stores, departments stores and school with ease. Life is getting easier!

It was nice to walk onto the playground this year and not look into a sea of unfamiliar faces, but to see people I know and not just get a smile, but a full on conversation about my summer holiday. Gone are the many meetings that come with being a freshman, this year I could simply skip all of that!

Last year, I gained the freshman fifteen~not really, but close~and yep, I've even lost it. I know how to find the skim milk, low fat yogurt and have completely given into the fact that I will, as long as I live here, not eat a good piece of beef!

I am not so rushed to see everything there is to see in Europe. My list has become a bit more specific. I'm not running quite so fast this year, and it is nice.

Halloween this year was fun and full of friends! Ordering costumes was easy, no stress at all. Thanksgiving is planned, no wondering where to go. Friends and family will be here and the turkeys are already purchased. I don't dread the christmas shopping like last year, as I feel I know where to find things! Life is easier!

I know now that the German people actually really appreciate it when you attempt to speak to them in their own language, that when you make a german friend, you really make a friend for life.

Oh, I still have questions and I still need help, but at least my questions make a bit more sense then when I first arrived and asked "where exactly do I put the water in to make the dryer work?"

How about is your Freshman, Sophomore, or whatever year you are in going?


  1. Ich liebe es Dena! Ich bin froh, dass ich ein Sophmore mit Ihnen :) See! I couldn't do that last year!

    1. Nein, Sie konnte nicht ... und ich konnte Sie nicht beantwortet haben.

  2. "Love it Deana! Keep 'em coming. It's the highlight of my day when I see a new blog!"

    1. Thanks!!! I love seeing comments, so keep those coming!


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