only 2 more sleeps...

when my kids were little they would count down the days in "sleeps".  how many more "sleeps" until their birthday, how many "sleeps" until vacation and how many more "sleeps" until christmas...

as i sit here and listen to my boys fight about how to upload a movie on the apple t.v. i am counting down the "sleeps" until school!  there are only 2, yep, only 2 and i may really be a horrible mom, but i can not wait!  i can not wait until the only noise i hear is myself breathing and the birds chirping.

i know that this seems very un-mom like, and you may say that i will "never get these years back."  oh, i know and i thoroughly enjoy my boys and we thoroughly had an amazing time together this summer vacation, but i think that is the key word....together!  we had a lot of time together...all 3 of us together! sometimes stuck in a studio hotel room, together.

i think they are ready too!  if they ask me "what are we doing today?" i pull out a list of chores and put them to work;  either entertain yourself, or do some work is my philosophy this week.

there will of course be a last summer sleepover, one last night of staying up late, a pancake breakfast....and then, there will simply be me sitting on my patio with my cup of coffee in silence!

are you waiting too, or am i the only "horrible" mom?


  1. Your posts make me laugh out loud! And since I usually read them from work, it causes stares from my German co-workers!! :-)

    I am also counting down the "sleeps" till school and I don't even stay home each day! I am in desperate need to get back to our school schedule!

  2. thank you kattie!!! glad to see im not alone on my desire for school :)

  3. Dena, most years I would be right on board with you...but this year is the last 'first day of school' and I must admit, I am having a hard and wish it were farther away.

  4. Awww, Michelle. I hear you on that. Not there yet, but I definitely feel for you. Dena - I am with you. READY!!!! And I am in your boat this year - sending them to school by themselves!!! :) Makes my mornings so much better - I can enjoy that cup of coffee now!

  5. Love your blog. You are definitely not a bad mom. Even when I home schooled I was ready or school to start - just wanted some order to the days. Two of mine start back tomorrow and two on Monday. The only thing I'm dreading are the early mornings.

  6. I couldn't agree more. We've crammed in every activity we can think of and we are all just ready. And we will all be ready for next summer break :) miss u!


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