i'm about to blow...

i said i wouldn't do it...i said when i came back to germany, i wouldn't complain and compare how much easier it is in america. not only with the language side of things, but with the electronic side of things as well...

i swore i wouldn't compare, but i did, and i will!

i have a great computer.  it's new, not so full of junk that it shouldn't run at a half way decent speed.  i have my email through a very, very common provider.  in all of the 12 locations that i stayed at in america, my email opened in seconds...no problem!!!  i come back home, log on, click on my email, and what do i get?  the spinning beach ball of doom!  you mac users know what i mean, it's the ball that spins and means "you're screwed, flat out screwed, just log off and then back on!"  so that's what i have done, 20-30 times in the 5 days since i have been home!

finally, i was at a breaking point, i couldn't take it any longer so, of course i asked my sweet husband to see if he could figure out what was wrong, noting that i was sure it was due to the fact that our internet was working at archaic speed and of course if we were living at home, this would never happen...oops,

i said i wouldn't do that didn't i????

"i don't know, i think it's you?"  he said

"me?  how the heck is it me?  i respond curtly

"i don't know, it works when i click it" he replies

at this point i have visions of flinging the computer at "him" and solving two problems at once,  but i think there could be jail time involved with that solution, so i ignore him and click, shut off, click, shut off and then i just cuss!!

fine, i'll just watch t.v. or so i think!  turn on the t.v. and all i get is snow...you have got to be frickin' kidding me!!!

once again i am told that the problem is "me" and it doesn't happen when "he" turns it on.  oh and i'm sure that vonage phone problem doesn't happen to "him" either and "he" has probably figured out how to check the messages on our german phone, which after living here for a year, "i" still can not do!

well, whatever "my" problem is with how "i" manage electronics, i'm simply blaming it on germany because i sure as hell could turn on the t.v. and check my email just fine in america!!!!!!!


  1. LOL! I love reading your blogs! I do have to say though that it is hard not to compare. I didn't need 3 phones in the US and hoped one worked. And I didn't need to know 3 different ways to watch TV in English! HA!

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    PS: Could you maybe delete this comment after you read it? Thank you!

  3. Hahaha. Would it make you feel any better if I tell you I have similar tech issues sitting right here at my counter in Dove Canyon? And like your hub, Matt is super self righteous in his "handling" of my issues. :)


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