please, do not turn the page...

you know that furry blue monster...grover? yep, the one who kept warning us to not turn the page? tying the pages together, building brick walls on the page so they were too heavy to turn. where is grover when i need him?

i need grover to build a brick wall on the pages of my daytimer! tie my pages together...every night before i go to bed, i have to turn the page to see what tomorrow holds, and i am scared, very scared of the monster that is on the next page.

it is the end of the year for both of my expats at school, which means recitals, field days, teacher's and coaches gifts. it is the end of the year for the american women's club, which means presentations for next year. it is the end of the year for the expat community, which means hello summer parties, good-bye friend parties and final lunches for the year. it is the time when all of us get on planes to go "home", which means packing bags, setting up appointments at home and planning rental cars and vacation stays. it is the end of a very fast "freshman" year as an expat!

i am tired, very, very tired and i only have a few more days until i turn the page on my daytimer to find that i am catching a plane to america!

do i pack a lot, a little? what are the weight restrictions on my airline? do i have passports, insurance cards and all documents that i need?

no matter what i have ready or what i still need to do, my daytimer page will turn and i will with every ounce of my being enjoy what i have to do that day. for i have to say once the craziness stops, i'm not too sure that i'll really enjoy all of the quite.

where does your next page have you going?


  1. I can imagine how tiring the end of school is. You can do it!! Mine is too young for school at the moment, but I can totally imagine what you are going through.

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    1. The next page has me going towards a trip back home to Jamaica.

      End of the year for school is always a tough thing to go through but once your done. The summer feels like a spin off of school.

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  2. thanks for stopping by ladies and please continue to follow. enjoy your summer and jamaica!


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