it's not a party until someone ends up at the hospital...

happy easter...frohe ostern...feliz pascua!!!

so, the easter bunny found us in spain.  my boys had a great morning hunting for eggs in our hotel room and enjoying opening the presents in their baskets!

then after cooking a wonderful brunch we sat down to eat!  this is how our day began...

this is how our day ended...

darn that easter bunny!  between the easter bunny and santa clause im a little frustrated!  they tend to bring gifts that i do not approve of!  santa brought a rated 13 game for my then 12 year old, and then today, the easter bunny brought a pocket knife for the 9 year old!  i think people mentioned to the easter bunny that it would be dangerous, that no 9 year old needed a pocket knife...what was that easter bunny thinking???

well, it wasn't the youngest that got hurt with the pocket knife, but the older one! he was apparently trying to carve a piece of wood and oops, it slipped! -wow, what a great parent i am!!- and he almost managed to almost cut the whole tip of his finger off!

okay great, i have had 2 mimosas and know i have to use my spanish at the hospital!  a little worried, i am!
after consulting the staff at the marriott and realizing that they don't have a doctor that makes house calls on easer sunday, off to the hospital we go!

my oldest by now has realized how bad his finger is and is incredibly worried that he will not be able to make the golf game that is scheduled or tomorrow, and i am incredibly worried that my broken spanish will not get me thru the e.r. visit!

"sprechen sie englisch?"  oops, wrong language!  "habla english?" okay, now we are getting somewhere!  i have a new appreciation for people who speak more than one language!  after seeing a doctor and getting paper stitches~didn't know these existed!~we are in an out in one hour!  im liking the spanish healthcare system a bit more than the german healthcare system!

we are home in time to enjoy the sunshine, even though my oldest will not be enjoying the pool for 7 days!  i think that we have also decided that with our luck on this vacation, skydiving is out of the question!

happy easter!

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