friday's blog a day late!

yesterday my happiness came from the fact that we were in 5 countries-yes that is countries-in 6 hours!!!!!  germany, holland, belgium, france and england and we did it all in our car!

we are on ski week in germany.  although we aren't skiing, we are taking some time off.  we decided to go to my hubby's old stomping ground-sussex, england-no planes for us, we just packed up the car and off we went.  

those of you who know me, know that i really, really don't like to fly...any opportunity to not fly and i am great with that!  and again those of you who know me, know that i really, really worry.  i worry about stupid things that i have no control over and i tend to do this a lot.  like i mentioned, flying or nuclear plant leaks, or earthquakes-yes, that's a shout out to my california peeps-, sharks, snakes and i have to admit i have even worried about a tsunami...but only once!!  never in my life had i worried about the chunnel!  that was until we drove the car onto that train!  

the train is like any other train, except there are a lot of cars on this train, giving off a lot of carbon monoxide fumes.  yep, that's it we are all going to die on a train under the english channel due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  had no one thought of this when they built this thing???  my mind was quickly put to rest when we all had to turn our cars off-whew!  then we were told to roll down our windows half way.  why i wondered?  oh, of course the pressure.  then i began to play that game, you know the one you played when your mom told you not to do something and you just had to do it to see what would happen.  what if we didn't roll down the windows?  would the pressure in our car simply blow out the windows?  would our eardrums explode...what?  what would happen??  well, as you can guess, i listened and rolled down my windows.

i have to say, the journey was really uneventful.  other than my husband not being able to figure out how to put on his emergency brake-damn german cars-it was actually almost boring.  we unload on the other side, in another country and you know what, they spoke english.  that may be the other thing that made me happy, once in england, i understood every single word that people spoke!  

so, here is to a week of me hearing people speak and my brain not having to work so hard to understand-happy ski week. 

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  1. I find its almost too noisy when I am around the local people living there every day lives as I normally block out the `foreign´ languaages I live amongst and then unblock and can here too much english that normally I automatically tune into..let me know if its the same for you?


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