a day late and a dollar short...

okay so i'm a day late again, but i guess in this case being late is a good thing, it means i have disconnected and am spending quality time with my family.

and that is what brought me my happiness on saturday...my family.  to be more specific my boy's happiness brought me my happiness!

we spent the day in london on saturday and it was a wonderful day.  so many of our trips are centered around historic sights and "old things" as my boys call them that they tend to get a little bored.  well this day would be all about them, and the best part was that they had no idea!

we started off catching the train through the southern england countryside.  only a short time later and we were in central london; victoria station.  our first stop was lunch and we let the kids pick, this could have ended bad, but after a debate between them;

oliver; "i want subway, subway is always good!  and besides ben, they will know what we are ordering here, they speak english!"

ben; "oliver we can get subway at home, let's try this place, look at the waitresses!"

thank heaven the waitresses were cute, or i think oliver may have won that one! our lunch was amazing.  we ate at a lebanese restaurant.  i am so thankful that my kids will eat almost anything.  we sat and savoured lunch, jeffery and i savoured  a few glasses of wine and from the way we ate,  you would have thought it had been months since we had eaten anything, when in reality, it was only months since we had eaten anything with that much flavor!

the next stop was the part of the day that brought me the most happiness.  we hopped in our london taxi and off we went, to the secret destination.  

the boys had no idea where we were going, and it was driving them crazy.  not very often can i pull one over on them, but so far they had no clue!  as we pulled up to the theater and got out, oliver caught the first glimpse of the marque...STOMP!  the grins on their faces were amazing...rarely do i see my tween "over the moon" excited, but this may have done it!  the show was everything we could have hoped for and they really enjoyed it.  the rest of the evening the were tapping bottles, stomping feet and clapping there hands trying to re-create the music that they had heard that day.

oh, but that's not it...next was m&m world.  every chocolate lovers dream.  again they had no idea and it is amazing how this little event was such a big deal to them.  the colors were amazing, the smell delicious and the taste...i have to say, the little colored candies tasted different...to me, not as good.  maybe this was a good thing because this could keep me out of their candy bags tonight.

the evening ended with an amazing sunset, kind of like a ribbon on the glorious package that was our day.  

with my kids growing so fast, and life constantly changing these days, these days of surprises and treats and really the joy of just being together as a family is what really make me happy!


  1. Love it! Oh that food looks so good!! We LOVED Stomp too!!!

  2. funny you should post :) keep your eye on your postbox...something is headed your way in about a week. a little present from the dutchess


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