Where did Flight MH370 go?

I am very, very afraid of flying.  I must admit that over the years it has got a bit better, but there were many flights that I have taken in which I was heavily sedated.  Living in Europe, I have had to "put my big girl panties on" and get on airplanes...  Often!  Flights to see the things that we are living here to see, and flights to go home.  I also live very near to the airport, and I must say that watching the numerous flights take off and land every day has helped me to see that the odds are actually in my favor.

In the horrible event that there is an airplane crash, I am constantly trying to rationalize it in my head.  When there is a bump from turbulence, I tell myself over and over that turbulence cannot take down a plane.  Whatever the situation, I desperately try to talk myself through it.  But how does one rationalize the absolute disappearance of one of the largest airplanes that flies in the air?  How do the families not wonder every minute if their loved one is out there...somewhere?  Where did flight MH370 go?  A 777 can not just disappear, can it?  Well, for now it has, and I have my thoughts on what happened and I am curious what you think happened?


  1. I'm watching all the latest news reports and waiting for the answers too. I can't begin to try to imagine how horrible it must be for the families. It's very possible that the bodies may never be recovered and closure is so important for the healing process. They seem to be leaning towards a "pilot suicide" which is scary in itself.

    1. It is just horrible isn't it Neva? You are right, they will probably never recover the bodies. We can get some Asia news networks here in Europe and they are saying hijacking. They say it flew for up to 7.5 hours after the radar was turned off. I am amazed that a pilot can just "turn off" the radar. You would think that there would be a back up radar that can't be messed with. I guess only time will tell on this one!


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