URGENT-Immediate Action Required!!!

I have some nerve don't I???  I disappear for a looonnnnggg time, then I come back and ask something of you.  Well, I am back from a hiatus.  Had to take some time to enjoy my family, and spend some time saying good-bye to a large amount of the AMAZING expat friends that are heading on to their next adventure.

Before I give you a "juicy" blog post about my past few months, I have to ask you to do something.

Google Reader is on its way out!  Yep, as of July 1st the source that many of you use to follow me is heading off into the internet sunset.  But don't worry, there are other ways to "take the journey" with me.  Click on the link on the right and follow me on BlogLovin!  It's a great way to follow blogs and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon!

So go ahead, click away and I hope to see all of my amazing readers when I fill you in this weekend on some "hiatus updates"!

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