Polish pottery shopping and pedicures, but where's the vodka??

I had images in my mind of what Poland would be...cold, foggy and intriguing, and the vodka, oh the Polish vodka was going to be great, so when I was asked to join a group of women to go Polish pottery shopping in Boleslawiec Poland, I quickly said Tak~that would be "yes" in Polish.

Polish pottery you might say?  Didn't know it existed?  Neither did I.  I thought Poland was only known for It's vodka and perogies.  Well Polish pottery does exist and it is in abundance in this little Polish town right over the border from Germany.  Apparently busloads of women come to this town to get great deals on the blue, flowered treasure...what, they don't come for the vodka?   I personally didn't buy much pottery, however I did buy for others that couldn't make it on our trip and I certainly helped the ladies that were along spend their money but again, I was on a search for vodka...are you seeing a trend here?

We stayed at an amazing little bed and breakfast called The Blue Beetroot Inn.


They had a traditional European breakfast of meat, cheese, yogurt and fruits but it was the dinner that was to die for.  Wonderful soups, mains of fish and chips, perogies and cabbage rolls.  There were even amazing drinks, and vodka...but not the vodka that I was in search of!

View at the Blue Beetroot Inn

A foggy Polish morning

The Blue Beetroot Inn brought in a whole crew to give us mani/pedis and massages!  We drank wine~still not finding the Polish vodka~lots of wine, preformed mole removals that we weren't qualified to preform, and fell asleep, 5 to a room in this quaint little B&B.

Oh the color choices

It was Saturday after a morning of pottery shopping that we stopped for lunch at the Opalkowa Chara pub.  This pub was owned by an adorable husband and wife team and they were big on the customer service.  We had fresh baked bread, perogies and cabbage rolls, and after this amazing lunch out it came!  The vodka I had been searching for, and there were choices, actual choices of flavors.  I choose the vanilla...


and that little shot of vodka had more punch than any other vodka I have ever tasted.  It was so good and so worth the search...not quite sure that it was worth the nine hour drive, but worth the search around Poland.

So, take a look at the blue, flowered pottery and let me know if you think it's worth a trip to Poland?

Pottery was very inexpensive!  Divide by 4 and that is the cost in Euro

Rows and rows of the bright, blue flowers


  1. Sounds like a fun, unique experience! I'd go for the little trip alone and buy a piece of pottery to commemorate the experience!

    1. It was a great trip and such a fun experience. Have to say I did buy Christmas presents, and a little gift for myself!

  2. That looks so fun! Would love a trip like that

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  3. Hi and thanks for the follow!! Keep coming back for more fun adventures!

  4. Oh wow had no idea about Poland and their pottery! Vodka though, oh yes!

  5. I love the Polish pottery, that's something I've bought as gifts before but sadly I haven't gotten any for myself (not that I have a use for it at this point, but maybe someday). At the Nurnberg Christmas market last year, they had a great selection at the Polish booth in the "sister city" section of the market. It seems to change every year though, because this year they had all kinds of amber products instead. But I'll be keeping my eye open in the future! And glad you finally got your vodka... my last time in Poland we were hunting for some vodka with a buffalo on the bottle because my friend had to buy some for her brother. It was a good excuse to sample the selection! :)

    1. Didn't see a buffalo vodka, but many other kinds! I have to admit I broke down and bought a couple of pieces and bought my mother in law a great Christmas gift. It was a great weekend!

  6. So glad you stopped by my blog. Following you now - can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks for the follow Rachel! Loved your blog...need to have you shop for me!

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  8. Thanks for stopping by Meg. Loved your blog as well!!


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