It's like a warm blanket...

I had a talk with a dear friend the other night and it was like curling up on the couch with a warm was comfortable, easy to enjoy and safe.  She knows me oh so well, and even though we live thousands of miles apart, our friendship has not faded with those miles.

She is the friend that you call when your kids are in trouble, you are fighting with your hubby, or you just need to be told that "it will all be okay!"  She encourages the life that I am living and reminds me often that I need to "take advantage of every opportunity that I am given" and for that I am grateful.

I know that our friendship will endure the test of time and the miles that distance us.  We will grow old together and hopefully one day end up in the same "home."  Until then I know that I can pick up the phone at any time of day or night and she will be there.  I can hop on a plane and go spend the weekend with her and we will pick up right back where we left off.

The quote below says it all about our friendship...

Do you have that special friendship??


  1. Beautifully said. Good friends are rare and one is really lucky to have one!

    1. That is very sweet Vicky!! Thank you

    2. I'm stopping by again to let you know that you have been nominated for the "Liebster Award"! Congratulations! Stop by at to find out more about it!

    3. WOW!! Thanks Vicky. I will get on that right now, and thanks so much for the recognition!

  2. So blessed to have you in my life!

  3. We do indeed both have that special friend.....and I have that very picture on my fridge!!!
    mummi g :)

  4. I have a few girlfriends that I think the same about, one living in London (I'm in Melbourne, Australia) and after I visited her last year she sent me this exact same picture. These types of friendships are so very special xx
    Cheers - Lou @ The Honesty Path

  5. They are so special aren't they Lou?
    Thanks for your visit!


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