Okay, this is a fun "link up" party that I am taking part in~thanks Whitney~and although I LOVE to talk, I hate to talk about myself!    Stop laughing!!  I don't really hate to talk about me, I love to talk about me, just not when pressured, so I'll give it a try...

Fact #1 
I meet my husband in a bar and could not stand him when I first meet him.  I thought he was sarcastic and rude.  Turns out he was British and really had a wicked, dry sense of humor!  18 years, 2 kids and five moves later, he can still make me laugh!

Love this guy!
Fact #2
That sweet guy brings me coffee in bed every single morning that he is in town, and I now kinda expect it.  I tell him that he has created the monster!

Fact #3
I think I missed my calling as an Interior Decorator.  I love to arrange, change paint colors, and buy furniture.  I have even completely re-decorated friends homes for free.

Fact #4
I sing really, really LOUD when I am alone in the car, and I think that I sing really well~stop laughing!

Fact #5
I hate it when people chew gum around me.  Not much more to say on this one.

Fact #6
I was so relieved that I had two boys.  I know how my sister and I were growing up and for some crazy reason, I think boys will be easier!

The youngest expat
The oldest expat

Fact #7
I'm sill not sure that I believe this one, but apparently I snore when I sleep on my back.

Fact # 8
I am a friend for life.  Sure I have a lot of acquaintances, but if you're on of my besties...you are stuck with me for life!

Fact #9
I consider those friends the "family that I have choosen."

Fact #10
I love a good vodka drink.  I can make a mean one, and I can drink a lot of it!  Enough said.

I like all of the flavors

So now, tell me some facts about yourself!


  1. a good vodka drink is always a good idea. always.

  2. Hi- I'm a new follower from the linkup! Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel! Love your blog as well. Keep visiting.

  3. #10. We could hang. For sure.

    I always say I want all boys. Which means I'm definitely going to have all girls someday. Oh well.


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