where are you from?

"where are you from?"

the lady asked an easy question, didn't she? but what happened next is what happens a lot in the expat world.

"california" the oldest expat answered

the youngest expat just looked at me as if i should answer.

"where are you from?" i asked him.

"well, i was born in indiana, then i moved to california, then colorado for 6 months and now germany. i guess my home is here, or california?"

i couldn't answer her question, i really have no idea.

they say "home is where your heart is." my heart is in a lot of places. i am "from" colorado, but have lived all over america, and now we are in germany. every place that i have lived holds a special place in my heart.

i have cried many tears every time that i have moved. tears on my first move, the move from the state that my children were born.

the hardest move was from where my children spent most of their lives, and my last move away from my family, yet again.

when and if i move from germany there will be many tears, but i have learned one thing in all of these moves...i am from all of these places. each one has added to me and my family, and helped to build us all into the people that we are! so i guess the next time someone asks me "where are you from?" i will answer "denvindiacaligermany"


  1. Love the post. And great answer for next time!! ;)

  2. thanks teresa! im sure you feel as misplaced as we do. i really enjoyed talking to you and realizing that im not alone!!

  3. thanks michelle! i love getting the comments, so keep them coming.

  4. So true! Each place molds us and hold a special place in our hearts...as well as all the people we love in each of those places! I'm so thankful for each move!

  5. they seem so difficult at the time don't they, but eventually we see how much each move actually gives us.


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