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was ist das?

okay, really? really? what is this? this is what i received for lunch in france when i ordered a sausage salad! this isn't a sausage, it's a...a...yes, you know what i want to say, it's a penis! not really, but it sure looked like one!

don't they say that people eat with their eye's first and then with their stomachs? what chef looked at this and thought "wow, that looks appetizing?"

so once the shock of this sitting on my plate had gone, the laughter set in, especially with my boys, their dad and their opa! okay, oma and i actually couldn't stop laughing either, our laughter actually turned to crying!
i have decided that this may be one of the worse meals thus far, so after covering it with my napkin, i tucked into the pommes frites!

what is the worse meal you have had on your travels?


  1. Dena, This is so funny, I am sitting here (not feeling well) and reading it to my husband laughing as hard as you probably. Did you eat it? My husband would have loved it. He loves Rocky Mountain Oysters, do you know what they are? Thank you for sharing, I needed the laugh :-)
    Wanda Ann

    1. Glad that I could make you smile Wanda!! I thought that we would all die laughing. I didn't eat it, I covered it with lettuce so that I didn't even have to look at it! I do know what RMO are and I love them. I have only ever had them fried and hey, anything that is fried is good in my book!

  2. Too funny! I would've done the same! I used to call my Grandmother oma. She was from Dusseldorf Germany originally, but came here as a young lady. LMAO I keep thinking... omg I won't get that sight out of my head for a while. hahaha thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend.

    1. Marie, it was an image that still lives with me!! Food here is a bit scary and you do have to be a bit aware when ordering! Bet your Oma would have laughed as well :)


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