no more culture shock!!!

i am done! done with the culture shock!  i will no longer compare, wallow or bitch and moan about how germany is not like america.  you will not hear me say, "well, in america we have this" or "in america we do that."  i am not in america.  if they don't celebrate valentines day in germany like we did in america, i will celebrate it like we did and i will celebrate it for all of them!  i am starting tonight-no i haven't been drinking, just preparing!

luckily i had some extra valentines day cards...with nerds even...for my youngest to give to his class tomorrow (my oldest is way beyond this i am told).  i am sending in 2 dozen valentines cupcakes with icing and hershey's kisses on top, and damn it we are having our traditional valentines dinner tomorrow night!  i will decorate the table in red and white and all of those inexpensive tulips will become my centerpiece!  we will eat our valentine pasta, just like we have every year, and does it matter that it isn't in the shape of hearts???  nooooo it doesn't!  my family is healthy, we are living an amazing life and we are living together!

today i am posting photos of 2 things that make me very happy!  i am going to begin doing this daily, maybe for a week, maybe for 2...stay tuned!

my boys xoxoxox


  1. I agree Dena!! They did have heart shaped pasta at Galleria today, but it was 5 euros a bag.

  2. Good for you, Dena! :) Love the pics of your boys.

  3. Valentines Day is a bit of a bummer when you're living abroad. They celebrate it here in France, just not as BIG. But I'm getting good at the homemade Valentines cards :-)

  4. So, had heart shaped pasta and a wonderful dinner! Thanks Sara for the thought of homemade cards-great idea!!


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