i need answers...

please, please dusseldorf peeps answer my questions below...

1. can you list your top 3 favorite gorgeous locations in dusseldorf!

2. now your top 3 favorite gorgeous locations in kaiserswerth?

this would be a huge help to me as my creative side is rearing it's ugly head and i need some guidance.

thanks and you'll see why soon!


  1. 3 favourite gorgeous locations in DDorf.....
    still working on it and exploring...
    Oberkassel high st...trees, diverse shops & restaurants, churches..really interesting
    K20 museum building
    Insel Hombroich museum..just bizarre

    3 favourite gorgeous locations in kaiserswerth?
    the avenue of trees near Burghof along by a field
    the back street in Kwerth from Burghof end (with the italian restaurant, bike shop...)
    View of the Rhine from the 744 restaurant on the Meerbusch side

  2. great ones! thanks so much for your help!!

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