spring is around the corner

you can tell that spring is not far off in germany.  dotted amongst the cold blistery days are the occasional warmer ones.  flower shops are full of daffodils and my favorite flower,  tulips!

i am constantly comparing the prices of the u.s. to the prices here, but the one thing that you can find much, much cheaper in deutschland is flowers!  the last few weeks i have made it a point to fill the house with tulips and it doesn't cost much to do so.

a wonderful event that is coming up is the opening of the  keukenhof gardens.  i have never seen so many amazing colors in my life.  there are over 4.5 million tulips at keukenhof, and it is the most photographed place in the entire world!  needless to say that me and my camera will be going, along with a friend who will be visiting from the u.s.  i can't wait! 


take a look and come enjoy a minute to smell the...tulips


  1. I love Keukenhof and hope to get there again this year!
    That corner for Spring must be a big one because it is COLD today!!!

  2. Keukenhof is amazing isn't it Michelle! It is freezing! Like I said I am filling my house with Spring.

  3. You are soooo going to love it there. We before we moved to Poland we lived in Holland for 6 years, so we were there a few times. Make sure you take lots of batteries for your camera and memory! Take the canal trip while you there too. It is kind of cheesy but if the fields are in bloom you get some great pics, just get your tickets early as it does sell out. Are you going to the area just for the day or a couple of days? If you are going for a couple of days I can give you some great places to go. Just let me know!


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