if you could wish for anything, what would it be???

that is today's question, for my sherpa is headed to the u.s. for a business trip!  

when i got married, i knew my husband would be my friend, my lover, my partner, the father of my children, but my sherpa?  fast forward 17 years and this is what it has come to!

i used to hate it when jeffery had to leave.  now i am constantly asking, "so, when are you headed to the states?"  i can honestly say that i would be thrilled if there where 2 trips in one month.  oh can you imagine, it would be like christmas!

as jeffery packed this morning i began to question him...did he really needed to take his running shoes?  they took up some much needed room in that suitcase.  room that was needed for ranch dressing, pace picante sauce and peanut butter!  not just any peanut butter, jif peanut butter!  

so each of us gave jeffery our wish list today; ben wants his cheetos.  oliver his cheeze its, and me; onion powder, peanut butter, ranch and brown sugar, truvia, and magazines in english.

has it really come to this?  i used to get wonderful bottles of perfume or jewelry when he came home from a business trip, now i get brown sugar and ranch...really?  i hate to say it, but yes it has.  it is amazing the things you miss when you don't have them, and after all you can't make cookies with perfume and when the smell and taste of a chocolate chip cookie give your kids some comfort of home i would most definitely give up that perfume.  

so my question to you is, what would you wish for?


  1. I used to haul brown sugar back from the States too. It took me years but I finally figured out that I can mix Zuckerruebensirup with white sugar and make brown sugar! It's a brown liquid and comes in an upside down plastic squeeze bottle like honey often does here. The brand I buy is Grafschafter Goldsaft- it has a gold label. Maybe that will give you more room for other stuff for the next overseas trip!

  2. thx so much for the great idea! you are so right, this will save room, and i need all of the room in that suitcase that i can get.

    thanks for stopping by and keep visiting!



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